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Alesha celebrates 45th birthday at same spot she celebrated her first

Flying J Outfitters co-owner, head guide, packer, wrangler, secretary, bookkeeper, booking agent, friend to many a mule, and only friend to a boxer named Shakoda celebrated her 45th birthday at the same campsite she visited with her parents on her 1st birthday. Notice above that “cook” is not one of her titles…and for those who know and have met her she is nowhere near 45:), but she has spent at least 3 decades on the mountain and still seems to enjoy her trips into the backcountry.

Reason number 6 to head to the high country

Ok, so you don’t hunt or fish, wildflowers don’t make your heart skip a beat, horseback riding is great for cowboys, and hiking…forget it! I bet you eat. And one of natures most amazing gifts are the fruits that occur naturally and in abundance on public lands. Years ago I got interested in all the berries I saw in the mountains and wondered to myself which ones can I eat?