What to Bring

Drop Camps, Catered Camps, Hiking and Trail Rides

  • Always take rain gear during the summer months. Afternoon thundershowers are common.
  • The High Uintas are notorious for biting insects. Take insect repellent.
  • Be wary of the thin air. Altitude sickness is very possible above 9,000 to 10,000 feet.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Bring warm clothing - freezing temperatures are possible any time of year.
  • Bring a good map and compass as the trails in the upper basins can be hard to find.
  • Before mid-July you'll likely run into big snowfields and torrential streams, but even in late summer you may want to take wading shoes.

Drop Camps and Catered Camps

  • Firewood is getting scarce, especially in the upper elevations, it's best to take a propane stove for cooking.