Hunt Drop Camps

What is a drop camp?

This is where we pack you and/or your gear on horseback to a designated camp spot. We then leave you for a specific amount of time and then come back for you.  You may either ride or you may hike into your camp site

Why would I want a drop camp?

Drop camps are an alternative for the in-shape experienced hunter who may be on a budget or who may just not want to feed livestock all year to use for 1 week a year but wants to get away from the crowds and access the remote parts of elk country and have energy enough when he gets there to actually hunt. They are less than half the price of a fully guided hunt and they allow you to run the camp the way you already know how without someone telling you when and how to hunt.

Outfitted Drop Camps

Our Outfitted Drop Camps are pre-set tent camps that include: tent, wood stoves, a axe and saw for you to cut firewood that is readily available, cooking & eating utensils, cots & foam sleeping pads, propane lanterns (you provide the propane), propane cook tops (you provide the propane), cooking & dining tables and latrine facilities. Some parts of our area is very remote and we suggest you bring a Satellite phone for communication for those areas. It is your responsibility to get all game into your camp and we will pack it out to your vehicles from there.

Our Outfitted Drop Camp fees DO NOT include: food, propane, guides, personal gear (including rifle & sleeping bag), horses left in camp, hunting license and tag fees, field preparation of game, meat processing & taxidermy fees or shipping.

Outfitted Drop Camps have a 4 person minimum. The pack horse weight limit is approximately 160lbs.  Please look at our pricing page for current drop camp pricing.

There is a limit of 80lbs per hunter including sleeping bag.  Please pack your personal gear in 2 small duffle's not including your sleeping bag.