We begin our summer trail rides on June 1st

We are here to help get your summer started!

Horseback Rides

A Family Horseback Riding Adventure at Moon LakeWe are offering Horse trail rides on the Lake Fork Drainage of the High Uintas.

This is the drainage that Moon Lake sits in. We are offering everything from short horse rides (approximately 20 minutes) to day long horse rides into Brown Duck Basin or other surrounding drainages like Swift Creek, Yellowstone and Rock Creek Drainage areas. These are fun horse rides through beautiful forest surroundings.

There is a famous quote attributed to many speakers that says “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man” we believe it is implied “man, woman or child” and we believe it is so true. Horse riding or just being around horses can be such an incredible experience especially in our day now when horses and nature seem so far removed from our everyday lives.

Utah Youngsters enjoying a horse back ride at the trail head at Moon Lake

If you are new to Utah or have lived here all your life but have never explored North Eastern Utah’s high Uinta mountains, maybe now is a good time to come take a horse ride and see the beauty that lies “in your own back yard”.

Our horses are gentle mountain raised horses and are ridden very frequently and are well experienced in the woods of Utah. They will take you on a horseback adventure into some of Utah’s best kept secret areas, the High Uinta Mountains which are part of the Ashley National forest. We operate under a special use permit and our horse rides generally begin from the trailhead at Moonlake unless otherwise requested.

Moonlake is a reservoir serving the irrigation interests and creating renewable hydroelectric energy for people in the Uinta basin. The lake is home to many species of fish and when you come up to ride horses, be sure to bring your fishing poles and make a day of it.

We do hope you will join us on a horseback adventure when you come to visit moonlake or the Uinta basin.

A Family Horseback Riding Adventure at Moon Lake

Please call ahead and reserve for large groups when at all possible.

  • No riding Double.
  • No horse riders under 6 years of age except on the Lead Around Ride.
  • All minors under 18 years of age must have a release signed by a parent or legal guardian at the time of signing up for horse rides.
  • All horse trail rides leave from the Lake Fork Trail Head
  • First come first served.

Check out our Prices page to get the latest information on our pricing as well as any specials available.