Summer Drop Camps

What is a drop camp?

This is where we pack you and/or your gear on horseback to a designated camp spot. We then leave you for a specific amount of time and then come back for you.  You may either ride or you may hike into your camp site

General Information

We offer Outfitted and Non-Outfitted Drop Camps for summertime adventurers who prefer a more do-it-yourself type of trip.  All of the Summer Drop Camps are located in the backcountry best accessed by horseback and pack string. These camps are n some beautiful country.

You choose the destination, and we take care of the work. We can pack in you and your camp, our camping equipment, or you can choose to just have us pack in your camp and hike in yourself.

Outfitted Summer Drop Camps

Our Outfitted Summer Drop Camps are tent camps that include: tent, firewood is readily available, cooking & eating utensils, foam sleeping pads, propane lanterns (you provide the propane), propane cook tops (you provide the propane), cooking & dining tables

Our Outfitted Summer Drop Camp fees DO NOT include: food, propane, personal gear, sleeping bag, horses left in camp or fishing license.

Outfitted Summer Drop Camps have a 2 person minimum. The pack horse weight limit is approximately 160lbs.  Please look at our pricing page for current summer drop camp pricing.

There is a limit of 40lbs per person including sleeping bag.  Please pack your personal gear in 2 small duffles not including your sleeping bag.

Non-Outfitted Summer Drop Camps

Our Non-Outfitted Drop Camps are priced out by how many animals are used to pack you and your gear in and out of your designated area.  The wrangler fee is $250.00, and you must have 1 wrangler for every 4 animals used. Horses are $135.00 per horse whether it is a riding horse or pack horse. Pack horse weight limit is approximately 160lbs, if not too bulky. Wrangler/horse fees would apply for the day going in and then again for the day coming out.

Non-Outfitted Summer Drop Camp Example:
2 people $0 (You supply ALL equipment & food)
2 riding horses, 2 pack horses $540 each way
1 wrangler, with horse $250 each way
TOTAL $1580

NOTE: If your destination is over 12 miles one way, please add 1/2 of your total trip price to the price.