Wasatch Mountains

General Description

The area of the Wastach Mountains limited entry area that we guide in was previously known as the Avintaquin  limited entry unit. It is located in the South Unit of the Ashley National Forest. It is mostly a high desert type area that starts in the sage and greasewood and leads up to quaking aspen stands and North facing timber stands.

We hunt a roadless area only accessible by foot or horseback.

This particular area has always been managed as a limited entry area until it was incorporated into the Wasatch mountains limited entry area and was opened up to general season spike hunting. The spike hunts are fun in that you often times get to see many mature bulls.

Access to the area is along the cliffs of the Wild Strawberry River home to some of the best Brown Trout fishing in the State. Then from the trailhead we horseback in approximately 5 miles to our base camp at approximately 8300 feet then generally hunt on foot from there.

This area is home to elk, deer, bear and mountain lion and a myriad of birds, bats and other small critters.

The tallest peak in the area is Strawberry peak at 10200 feet above see level and the views from there are simply amazing. You can see Strawberry reservoir to the West and the Unita wilderness to the north and east and simply Breathtaking views for 360degrees.