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Time to apply for Utah elk and deer hunts

If you want to hunt Utah these days, you gotta plan ahead and apply for the species you want to hunt. The “good ole days” of walking up to the counter and buying a tag the night before opener, is shamefully gone, but not forgotten by those of us who were raised hunting elk and mule deer in Utah.

All is not lost though for those who take the time to apply and that time is upon us. Beginning tomorrow, January 29, 2015 at 8 am you can apply for Utah elk, deer, antelope, and once in a lifetime species like moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and buffalo. The application period runs through March 5 and results are supposed to be out by May 29.

Utah limted entry elk Book CliffsThere are many “pay to play” services that are willing to help you navigate the sometimes perplexing world of the Utah hunt application process, but here at Flying J Outfitters we are happy to help you for simply the price of your time to call or email for info. We will gladly share info on the places we know about and hunt like the Roadless Book Cliffs, The high Uinta’s and the Wasatch Mountains of northeastern Utah. Or, you could ask us about other spots and we would likely lie to you about the places we don’t know, but could certainly coach you through the processSmile

So remember, if you want to hunt elk or deer in Utah, mark your calendars and be sure to apply beginning January 29, 2015 but don’t miss the deadline of March 5, 2015

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