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OTC Mountain Lion Hunt

Utah Mountain LionOTC Mountain Lion tags. Hunt a cat with hounds in a great unit in Utah.  This hunt is both horseback and/or a tracked side by side or 4x4.  Involves horseback riding and hiking as well so the better shape you are in the better results you will get; this is a physical hunt.  Hunt record cats in a new over the counter unit that changed from a limited entry area this year.
5 days of hunting $3950 includes lunch and guide does not including lodging, other meals, tags/license, or gratuity.  Guide will pick you up from hotel room or you can drive to specified location to meet each day.
If you want to hunt Lions in a beautiful part of the state, contact us today to book this exciting hunt. You can reach us by telephone (435) 646-3208 or by email at Adventures@FlyingJOutfitters.com or by using our contact page.

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